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    Passing IP Addresses in a /29

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      We are currently using the Total Access 908e 3rd Gen as a PRI hand off for our VOIP customers.


      Is there a way to have the Adtran unit be "in front" of all the other equipment, using one of the IP addresses in the /29 statically assigned to the Adtran, while passing the remainder of the addresses in the same subnet to the devices sitting "behind" the Adtran?

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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          I just got the latest software for the 908e Gen.3 (waiting on route-map fix) so haven't had a chance to do lab tests on bridging, but bridging on these hasn't been all that well supported in previous generations.


          I assume that you want this for QoS purposes.


          Two options, one is to NAT the other addresses to the devices "behind" the 908e, the other is to front-end the 908e with a switch with a VLAN on the outside /29 network and configure that switch for QoS. 

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            burgermeister Employee

            JayH is correct, bridging isn't supported feature in the IPBG's when voice is enabled ---- (Configurable yes, but not a tested/supported solution with the IPBG's).   That said, I'd recommend you assign an IP Address outside the /29 subnet to the WAN interface of the TA 900e, then configure your provider edge router to forward/route all traffic destined for the /29 subnet to the IP address assigned to the TA 900e WAN interface.  You'd then assign one of the 6 "usable" addresses within the /29 subnet to the LAN side interface of the TA 900e and the remaining addresses to devices/firewall behind the TA 900e..  The end result is that you're now routing the /29 subnet through the TA 900e without NATing or bridging the traffic...

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