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    Inhereted a Setup with a Netvanta 4305. I have no passwords.  Need to get into router.

    shutech New Member

      Like Title says.


      I am managing a location that has a Netvanta 4305.


      Verizon was involved in the original setup of this.


      Verizon claims to have no Passwords to router.


      We have 2 bonded T1s and are moving to 3 bonded T1s.


      \Verizon is no help they are only taking this setup to demarc and they are not offering the service beyond demarc that they offered when this was setup??


      I need to get into the router but was left with no passwords.


      How can I gain access to the device and preserve the current setup?


      Is there anyway to reset password but not erase the current setup?


      I of course have physical access to the box.


      Thank You