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    Configuration help - NetVanta 3448

    blabarbera New Member

      Greetings all -

      I'll preface this post by stating that I am new to Adtran routers, so forgive me if the solution to my issue is an obvious one.


      I've recently acquired a NetVanta 3448 that I am trying to setup as a *basic* router with a WAN facing external interface and a LAN facing trusted interface. My requirements are simple - I need to setup some port forwarding and a few static routes and basic firewall functionality. Since I don't need much I assumed I could accomplish this setup via the Setup Wizard in the GUI, but it seems that this is not the case.


      In the setup wizard I am trying to set ETH 0/1 as my WAN interface with the external IP/Sub/Gateway assigned by my ISP. No problem there. When I get to the step of selecting my trusted interface I select ETH 0/2, however once I get to the confirmation screen in the wizard it arbitrarily sets my trusted interface as VLAN 1. I have no need for any VLAN's, and it seems like this should be an extremely easy setup to accomplish.


      What am I doing wrong? How can I accomplish this setup?


      Any help is very much appreciated it. Thank you.

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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          VLAN 1 is the default native VLAN for the 8-port internal switch in the unit.  The typical basic setup is for ETH 0/1 to be the WAN, ETH 0/2 to be a possible backup WAN, DMZ, or left unused, and the LAN devices to connect to any or all of the eight ports of the internal switch, so this is how the wizard defaults.


          You can use this wizard default and plug in to any of the eight ports for your LAN which will be VLAN 1 by default, or you may be able to override the wizard default and use ETH 0/2 for the LAN, or use the CLI and get really creative with multiple networks.

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              blabarbera New Member

              Well, I tried that and had no luck. I'm having an odd problem where the ETH 0/1 continues to show its status as "down" (red LED on front panel) after I complete the configuration and connect all my cables. I have a known-good cable, and I've checked and rechecked my WAN settings. I've configured another router I have with the exact same settings and cable, and everything works. So, it seems there's an issue somewhere with the Adtran, but I'm not sure what it is.


              I've tried this a few times and even reset the router to a default configuration, completely reentered all the settings and still no joy.


              Any ideas?

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                  jayh Hall_of_Fame

                  It sounds unrelated to the wizard issue with the VLAN.  Could be bad hardware, a hard-coded speed or duplex setting not compatible with the other side, maybe needs a crossover cable?  Hard to say remotely.


                  Did it ever work?


                  What does "show int eth 0/1" report?


                  What does "show run int eth 0/1" report?


                  Other side of the link also showing down? 

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                      blabarbera New Member

                      Sorry for the delay in responding.


                      This piece of hardware is brand new out of the box, so I'm expecting that it's in perfect working order. I had not considered the speed/duplex issue, but rather assumed that if my cheap temporary Netgear router could play on the network then this one should be able to as well.


                      I don't have  direct access to the other side of the link, as it's in a colocation. However, when I plug in my temp router the link comes right up and I have internet access, thus it leads me to believe that it's the Adtran router having a problem. My understanding of the "other side of the link" is that it's direct internet access with just bandwidth limitations being imposed.


                      I'll run the requested commands and post the results when I get over there. Thanks!

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                  blabarbera New Member

                  Just an update - turns out the issue was auto-negotiate, which wasn't auto-negotiating. Hard setting it fixed the issue. I encounter this so rarely that I seldom think to try it. Anyhow, thanks anyways!

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                      blabarbera -

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