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    Intermittent audio issues to FXS

    bou401 New Member

      We have a group of Adtran TA9xxE end-users who have complained about incoming auio issues. These are not consistent with every call but seen to be common with analog handoff to the customer. We deliver all our circuits via SIP & circuits have been verified clean with no packet loss. These end-users complain of occasional incoming calls where there is one-way or no audio with the connected party. I have been able to duplicate this on occasion but have not been able to gather traces at the time this has occured. This seems to affect only SIP to FXS users. We have not experienced any issues with SIP to PRI. We have done extensive testing on the differentTA9xxE line of IADs and the only resolve for us has been to downgrade firmware to T900E2A-A4-08-00-E. I know this is an older version but this is where the problem stops. Once downgraded, we have verified with the end-users that the problem have stopped. I was curious if any other providers have experienced this issue. Thanks and looking forward to your comments.