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        The Support Community uses single sign on with your ADTRAN.com account.  Unfortunately you cannot change the email address tied to an ADTRAN.com account.  I outlined the various options you have below:


        If you wish to keep your current email address but no longer receive emails from the Support Community you need to perform two steps: 1) go to your user preferences page when you are logged in and set all of the email options to "Off", and 2) if you ever explicitly clicked the "Receive email notifications" link on an area, person, or piece of content, you will need to go back to the corresponding place(s) and click the "Stop email notifications" link.


        To use the Support Community with a different email address you will need to create a new account on ADTRAN.com with the new email address and then pick a new username as outlined in our Getting Started Video. Please be advised that any registered products, software entitlements, Support Community points or posts, etc will not be associated with your new account.


        If you want to keep your existing ADTRAN.com account but delete your Support Community account associated with it, you will need to request that your "Community Username" be deleted from our web database here: http://www.adtran.com/feedback


        If you want your entire ADTRAN.com account completely deleted, you will also need to request that here: http://www.adtran.com/feedback




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          Thanks for the good and clear information.