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    Is there any way to filter out all priorities of firewall message from the log?

    ieng New Member

      I work for a company that has thousands of Adtran devices deployed in the network and we offer a very robust Managed Router service option to many customers. 


      Most of our devices need to have "ip firewall" turned on due to using "ip ffe" and what we as repair technicians are running across is that our router logs are being filled with relatively unimportant log entries about TCP sessions transferring zero packets which pushes out earlier entries that would give us historical reference to any service issues that a customer may bring up.


      I have enabled event-logging to report only priority 2 and higher log entries which has decreased the number of entries, but I still have priority 1 firewall entries that fill the log up daily so we can't see any historical log information.


      Due to the private nature of MPLS with these devices, we are unable, at this time, to setup a syslog server for many of our circuits so I was wondering if there is another option to filter the firewall events specifically?


      Any assistance is greatly appreciated.