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    Can I have max Inbound calls > 10?

    plexadam New Member

      I'm looking at a Total Access 924.  I have 15 FXS lines to put into a hunt group, but in the "ring group" settings there's a "Max Inbound Calls" setting that apparently can only go up to 10.   This is baffling me a little bit because it seems I can add as many users to a ring group as I want to, so why limit the number of inbound calls so low?


      Is there a reason why this only goes up to 10?


      My first thought for a workaround was to create a second hunt group and then put that hunt group's extension as a "ring extension" action in call coverage on the first hunt group.  Is there any reason that would not work?


      I'm sure there are lots of people who need more than 10 lines in a hunt group, so I'm really confused as to why this limitation would be there in the first place.  Is it that a "ring group" is not what I think it is, and should I be doing this a different way entirely?