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    Configure ADSL Dialer via ppp - without ADSL NIM

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      We are trying to use a bridged static DSL connection for DR testing.


      I have done this successfully on a Cisco 1841 using nothing more than a virtual Dialer interface linked to an onboard ethernet interface.


      Trying to learn how similar might be accomplished on a NetVanta 3430. The router is at the latest version of the enhanced feature pack, vR11.3.0.E.


      It seems like there are a large # of PPPoE subcommands under the Cisco's ethernet interface. These are lacking on the Adtran side.


      Please advise... thanks!

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          cmcu - Thanks for posting your question on the forum!


          Yes, this configuration can be done but it looks a little different than the Cisco configuration. Essentially, you will need to configure the PPP interface with the authentication and IP address information and then cross-connect this to the ethernet interface. You may find the following guide helpful: Configuring Ethernet Broadband Internet Access in AOS Integrated Switch_Router Products


          This guide refers to integrated switch/router products but Option C on page 6 will apply to you. You will simply substitute VLAN interface for ETH interface instead and there won't be a need to map the VLAN interface to a port.


          Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.




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