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    D Channel Down Alarm via SNMP

    fiberman New Member

      We have a couple of customers that we are providing SIP PRI's to via a Total Access 908e. We monitor these Adtran devices via SNMP. So if the device becomes unreachable or a physical port goes down we get an alarm.


      We had a client the other day who's D channel on a PRI went down. The PRI port stayed up the entire time, so we never received an alarm via SNMP. We could only tell the D channel was down by logging into the box via SSH, and then the unit kept reporting D channel down.


      We have noticed the same things sometimes with a SIP trunk registration. The registration might be down or not established, but we never receive an alarmn.


      In both cases voice calls fail, but we have no way of knowing until a client calls us.


      Is there any way to get an alarm via SNMP for a D Channel down or SIP trunk down?


      Also, is there any way to see if the D channel is down through the GUI? We know how to in CLI.

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          ss_daveh New Member

          SNMP traps are enabled by default on the pri interface. You can also add the following line to trap voice events (such as the trunk group)


          snmp-server enable traps voice

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