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    Traffic Shape Rate

    airespring92 New Member

      On a 5 mbps Ethernet over copper circuit, there is typically 10% overhead form the carrier so you do not get the full 5 mbps bandwidth, will setting the traffic shape rate to exactly 5 mbps cause issues? I am trying to get Ethernet QoS to work. I am using a TA908e Gen 3


      I also have a separate but related question, does the bandwidth statement have anything to do with the QoS and can it effect a network monitoring systems platform?


      interface eth 0/1

        description WAN

        ip address X.X.X.X  X.X.X.X

        Bandwidth 5000

        Traffic-shape rate 50000000

        media-gateway ip primary

        qos-policy out VOICE

        no shutdown



      qos map VOICE 10

        match dscp 46

          priority percent unlimited

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          david Employee



          Thanks for posting!  I typically just set the "traffic-shape rate" to guaranteed upload rate given by the provider.  However, I always verify the upload speed prior to setting the command by using a few speed test services.  If more accurate or customized bandwidth tests are needed, you can use applications such as "iperf".


          The bandwidth setting, within the interface, does not affect QoS.  However, it does allow for a specified interface bandwidth to be made available for other processes, such as routing protocols.




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            robert.elm New Member

            You can also use:  traffic-shape rate 50m count-eth-overhead on newer AOS releases.


            Also do not forget about the "maximum reserved bandwidth" command as Adtran will reserve a ports bandwidth automatically.



            Your Bandwidth 5000 also appears to be wrong as it's missing a zero, and probably shouldn't be specified.  Traffic shape rate will set bandwidth on an interface automatically if you show the interface after it's applied.