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    Exporting SIP signalling to text

    ss_daveh New Member

      I found this helpful post: https://supportforums.adtran.com/message/2248 and was able to set a packet dump in hex format and import to Wireshark PCAP. However, I am having difficulty getting SIP signalling to be exported in hex format and importing to a PCAP in a format that actually shows sip messaging. Does anybody have experience setting this up?

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          cj! Beta_User

          Hi ss_daveh:


          I like to create an ACL to define what I want to debug/dump in the console.  Example:


          ip access-list extended sip-capture

            remark sip-capture

            permit udp any any eq 5060


          Start logging to a text file in your terminal application, then use the following command at the enable prompt to begin the packet dump:


          debug ip packet sip-capture dump


          When finished:


          undebug all (or just u a)


          Stop your text logging and then follow the instructions in the post you mentioned to convert the text log to a PCAP file.


          Sometimes it's important to collect data over a long period, but SSH/telnet sessions typically timeout after a few minutes.  I found this article helpful to setup persistent debugging over a longer period:  Enabling Persistent Debug Logging


          Good luck,