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    Keep a user's extension when moving to new jack

    mark99k New Member

      I would've thought this'd be in the user manual, but am having no luck there, or in searches. Two of our staff are moving to another room (in the same suite), where there are now 2 idle phones. How do they do this and keep their extension numbers?  Move their phones?  Reset the phones at the idle extensions?  Some other dance?


      The phones are IP 712's.  I see a few mentions of a 'User Accounts' interface, but have no clue where to find that.


      Sorry I'm so completely lost on these steps. Grateful for any help.



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          Assuming all the rooms in the suite connect to a switch with ports setup in the same manner and communicate with the same DHCP server you should be able to simply move the existing working phones to the new office.  If that does not work there are a lot of factors to inspect (topology, switch configuration, wiring, etc).