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    Call Duplicated to another PRI Channel

    lgray New Member

      I do not have access to the Adtran in this situation, but I am merely looking for any suggestions as to a possible cause.  I have a carrier that has brought a SIP connection into the building and uses a TA908e to hand-off as a PRI to the PBX.  Occasionally, while there is an active call, at some point in that call, it will show up on another channel of the PRI.  For example:


      Caller 123-456-7890 calls 234-555-1212.  It comes into the phone system on PRI channel 14.

      12 Minutes into that call, Channel 19 of the PRI presents a call to the PBX and it is the conversation that is going on in the first call.

      The PBX call records show channel 19 receiving a call from 123-456-7890 and calling 234-555-1212.

      Now, the first set of parties on the channel 14 are hearing the PBX auto attendant answer and start offering option on channel 19.

      When the parties end their calls, both channels on the PRI drop like normal.


      It's very strange, we're not sure why this is happening and I don't know how to suggest the carrier find this and troubleshoot it.  It's almost as if the Adtran or SIP provider somehow setup a conference to channels 14 and 19 for the outside party.


      Does anyone have suggestions?

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          dopey137 New Member

          If I didn't know any better - it sounds like the sip provider is sending a keep-alive message for the first call in the form of a invite

          you would need access to the command line of the 908 to do a debug sip stack messages

          make  a test call for at least 15 minutes - you will probably see you call setup again as a new invite

          from there - in the sip trunk - is some options for handling sip keep-alives

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            david Employee



            We are not aware of any issues like this that would be caused by the ADTRAN unit.  The person that has access to and administers the ADTRAN unit would need to get debug output of this problem occurring.  A packet capture may also be necessary.


            debug sip stack message

            debug voice verbose

            debug isdn L2-formatted


            I'm going to put your ticket as "assumed answered", but feel free to respond with any updates or follow up questions you may have.