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    Adtran Atlas 830 Module 6

    rrandolph New Member

      I have an error light that just showed up on my module 6 status.  The network light for module 6 is still green.  I have tried rebooting the adtran and I have checked the serial and ethernet connections.  I am looking for some guidience on which side of the circuit (internal or external) I should look or is it more likely a problem with the Adtran itself?

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          patrick Employee

          The ERROR LED indicates the ATLAS is receiving errors on the particular module. You can look under the MODULES at the MENU for slot 6 and look under the performance to see what types of errors it is receiving.

          If module 6 is a T1 module it may simply be CSS errors indicating clock slips. If that is the case you can see what the ATLAS has configured for its primary timing source and if the equipment off slot 6 should be taking timing from the ATLAS. If it is another type of error you may have to see if it is a back cable, and possibly try a loopback test to verify the ATLAS interface.


          Hope this helps,