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    Loop a T1/PRI out to the second network port or t1 card

    sum1 New Member



      Is it possible to take a T1/PRI circuit and loop it out to the second network port on the Atlas800 to allow our Asterisk PBX access to the DS0 channels on the T1/PRI?

      If it is possible is it also possible to reserve some channels for the Atlas800 and forward the rest to the network2/PBX?

      If it is not possible w/ the network2 port is it possible w/ a t1 module/card?

      Finally again if it is possible can it be done using the telnet interface or is a console connection required?


      Thanks very much for your help.

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          patrick Employee

          First of all, the interface is the same whether you use telnet or a console connection - so neither method limits what you can do in the menu.


          I believe the ATLAS can do what you want, but there are stipulations:
            If you have a T1 coming into the Network 1 port, you can use the DEDICATED MAP in order to map specific channels (DS0s) to the Network 2 interface, and map the rest of the channels to another interface, or use the rest of the channels in the DIAL PLAN.
            However, if you have a PRI coming into Network 1, then you cannot map a specific channel or channels to any other interface, because the channel signaling is all done on the D-channel (channel 24).
            If you have a PRI and need a PRI connection to your Asterisk, then you may be able to do PRI to multiple PRI over-subscription (https://supportforums.adtran.com/docs/DOC-1392).


          I'm afraid I can't suggest anything else without knowing more about your application, but hopefully this will help,

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              sum1 New Member

              Thank you for your response. That does help.  I have two specific configurations i need to setup-



              The first setup is PSTN/PRI<->Atlas550<->PRI<->PBX.

              This should be simple I believe.  The Atlas550 is also breaking out some BRIs from the PRI via two Quad BRI cards.  I would like to make sure that the PRI to the PBX doesn't starve the BRIs of access to DS0s going to the PSTN.  Thus my plan was to instal a second T1 card in the Atlas550.  Then in the user term/interface config I would emulate a PRI using the second t1 card. I would set the start the DS0 to be 16 and the number of DS0 would be 8 (D-channel on 24 of course).  This would leave the first 15 channels of the Network Term PRI for the Quad BRI cards and their BRIs ports to access. Because I would not have more than 7 BRI ports allocated in the User Term of this configuration the BRI could not take more than 14 channels of the PRI and because the PBX would only have access to channels 16-23, neither the PBX or the BRIs would ever steal channels from each other.  In other words even thought the Atlas can over provision the PRI, in this configuration it would be exactly provisioned so that 7 BRIs and 8 channels for the PBX would always be available. 

              Is it as simple as that? 

              I don't know what switch type the PBX will expect and I do not yet have the second 550 t1 card to test with but when I look in my Atlas800 I noticed that when I declare the second t1/pri port in the User Term the only switch types it can emulate are Lucent 5E and AT&T 4ESS (usually the switch type for everything I use is NI1 or NI2). 

              Is that correct? 

              Will emulating only Lucent 5E and AT&T 4ESS also be a limitation of the the second t1 card in the Atlas500's User Term? 



              The second setup is PSTN/T1/PRI<->Atlas800<->T1<->Netvanta3200

              In this config I need to ask the carrier to deliver me both IP Data and Switched phone services on the T1. So the line I am ordering from the provider will be like a raw t1 and a PRI in one. They said they can do it but have not provided any details. I assume ch 24 will be a D channel. I would like to take 21 of the DS0s from the T1/PRI and forward them to the the Netvanta via the second network port on the Atlas800.  Then the remaining 3 DS0s (one of them being ch24 used as a D channel), I would like to allocate to a BRI port on an Octal BRI already installed in the Atlas800. 

              Would this be achieved with a Dedicated Map to send the 21 DSOs to the Nevanta 3200? Then in the Network Term set the first DS0 to 22 and the number of DS0 to 2 (leaving 24 as the D-channel)?

              How do I request the line from the carrier so that the channels can be used for a Data t1 (21 channels) and then also provide channels 22-24 as a 2B + D-Channel for a single BRI out of the Octal BRI in the Atlas800?

              If the carrier provides a PRI or rather a partial PRI of some sort with ch24 as a D-Channel, can a Dedicated map in the Atlas800 even be used or does this cause a conflict? If a dedicated map is not possible to use then is it possible to use the User Term to send DSOs 3-23 to the Netvanta for IP Data and thus DSOs 1-2 + 24 (D channel) for the BRI port to use?


              Thank you very very much for any and all of your input.



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                  patrick Employee

                  Thank you for the additional information.


                  I believe you have the correct understanding of the ATLAS DIAL PLAN. The only way to limit the NETWORK TERM channel usage is to limit the channels available to the USER TERM entries. Although if you have 7 BRI ports in use, that can account for up to 14 channels - so I don't understand why your PBX PRI starts on with channel 16 instead of 15, but the idea is correct.

                  As for the switch type, you should have the options for National ISDN (which is NI-2), Lucent 5E, Northern DMS100, or AT&T 4ESS. National ISDN should be the default. If you don't have this as an option then something is wrong. What Firmware is running on the ATLAS?


                  If you are receiving a Fractional PRI with 21 of the channels running IP Data then you will DED MAP the IP Data channels and then have the PRI portion in the DIAL PLAN. The D-channel must be on channel 24 but as long as you configure the channels properly having both a DED MAP and DIAL PLAN should not cause a conflict.



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                      sum1 New Member

                      Sounds good. I definitely only get the options of lucent 5e and att 4ess. This is only a limitation of the sys Ctrl port 2 in the user term dial plan.  if I declare sys ctrl port 2 in the network term i get the full list of lucent 5e, Northern DMS100, Nat ISDN, and ATT 4ess.


                      Finally I notice that under lucent or att when I have the ctrl port 2 in the user term and then I go to modules/sys ctrl/DS0 Status-  the second sys ctrl port has no "D" channel listed at ch 24 even though it is configured as a full PRI in the user term. 


                      Here is the Atlas system info:


                      System Info   │ System Name              ATLAS 800                             

                      System Status │ System Location          Adtran ATLAS 800                      

                      System Config │ System Contact           Adtran ATLAS 800                      

                      System Utility│ Firmware Revision        ATLAS 800  Rev. H 09/18/98 09:11:41   

                      Modules       │ System Uptime            0 days  2 hours  40 min  21 secs      

                      Dedicated Maps│ Startup Mode             Warm reboot     

                      Dial Plan     │ Current Time/Date (24h)  Wednesday May  6  15:44:25  2015

                                    │ Installed Memory         Flash:1048576 bytes  DRAM:8388608 bytes

                                    │ Serial Number            841B5194

                                    │ Boot ROM Rev             C 11/18/97

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                          patrick Employee

                          I'm going to assume the Switch Type limitation has to do with the Firmware. You are running Revision H and the latest (last) revision for the ATLAS 800 is L.03.14. I have an ATLAS 800 in my office and I have all 4 of the switch type options when I configure the Sys Crtl Port 2 as a USER TERM PRI. So I suggest upgrading the FW. It is available under support: Software Downloads.


                          The "D" for the D-channel will not show up in the DS0 Status until the D-channel is established with the end equipment. When the "D" shows up in the DS0 Status that indicates an ACTIVE D-channel and not just that it is configured for PRI. So if the ATLAS is connected to the end equipment and the D-channel should be established and active, then you will have to trouble-shoot the D-channel signaling to see why it hasn't been established: under SYSTEM CONFIG you can go into SYSTEM EVENT LOGGING and set the ISDN L2 FORMATTED to INFO. Then go back to the main menu and SYSTEM STATUS and view the messages in the EVENT LOG. The ATLAS has to SEND a "SABME" and RECEIVE a "UA" response before the D-channel can be established.