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    IP706 Locks Up with Version 2.4.1

    lrycroft New Member

      Recently upgraded a 7100 from NV7100A-A5-02-00-E.biz to NV7100A-R11-4-0-E.biz and the IP706 phones to firmware 2.4.1 Boot code was already at 2.1.0, but replaced it with the 2.1.0 that was in the 2.4.1 zip anyway.

      Since the upgrades, they have ONE phone out of about sixty that keeps locking up when idle. The screen looks normal, but it will not take any keystrokes. This happens two or three times a day and the phone has to be rebooted. There have been no issues when the phone is in use. Have replaced the phone and patch cables. Have tested the cable. Have moved the phone connection to a different port on the PoE switch. Any idea what I am missing?