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    TA908 PRI Error Code 57

    apenichet New Member

      We have a customer that has a 908 2nd Gen running the firmware R10.9.4.E.. The PRI is working but some random calls seem to be dropping. The call coming in VIA a SIP TRUNK to the 908 and then routing via the PRI on the DSX1 port. We have been able to catch these logs when the inbound call fails.


      OutboundDeliver - rcvd unexpected CallRelease

      1. 2014.12.18 12:30:47 TM.T02 02 IsdnTmStateIdling - clear trunk appearance
      2. 2014.12.18 12:31:09 ISDN.EP PRI 1 Call clearing: Unknown code 57 : Loc=U


      1. 2014.12.18 12:31:09 TM.T02 01 IsdnTmStateOutboundDeliver - rcvd unexpected CallRelease
      2. 2014.12.18 12:31:09 TM.T02 01 IsdnTmStateIdling - clear trunk appearance



      Any ideas on these errors has anyone ever ran into this?

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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          Cause No. 57 - bearer capability not authorized.

          This cause indicates that the user has requested a bearer capability which is implemented by the equipment which generated this cause but the user is not authorized to use.


          Could be a setting of 3.1 audio vs. speech on the PBX.  Could also be an ISDN switch type mismatch.