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    TA900 Voice Trunk T1 Loop Start

    jmikeharvey New Member

      I am trying to build a CAS T1 over SIP at a customer location.


      I don't seem to have Loop Start as an option for my T1 facing the customer.


      #voice trunk T02 type t1-rbs supervision

      fgd                    - Feature Group D

      immediate              - E&M Immediate

      wink                   - E&M Wink


      Any ideas on this?

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          burgermeister Employee



          That is correct, we do not support "Network Role" T1/LS or T1/GS emulation with any of our IPBG Products.  The only product we have that can Emulate T1/LS & T1/GS is the ATLAS 550; however, it doesn't support SIP.  That said, our only option would be to Terminate SIP in an IPBG, hand-off PRI to an ATLAS 550 (behind the IPBG), and have the ATLAS 550 Convert T1/PRI to T1-LS/GS delivery to the CPE. It's a 2-Box solution, but it's our only option today.