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    Chromecast / Multicast Setup

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      Hi all !


      I had a question in regards to multicast, and VLAN segments. We frequently use Chromecasts within our networks so users can stream video/presentations/chrome content to various conference rooms. The Chromecast devices operate on the DIAL protocol. The DIAL Service Discovery enables a client to discover DIAL Server (Chromecast) on its local network, and obtain access to those services. This is achieved using a new search target within the SSDP defined by uPNP. In short if your not on the same segment as the chromecast device you will be unable to see it.


      I was wondering if it would be possible to forward that traffic to a particular network. In this scenario users on the wireless network (VLAN 300) can see the Chromecast. Users on the wired network (VLAN 100) cannot. I have tired playing with the UDP relay, and various ACLs without success.

      When clients connect to the Chromecast they send a request over UDP to IP address and UDP port number 1900.


      Any suggestions would be great.





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          Thanks for asking your question on the forum!


          After doing some research, it looks like Chromecast uses a multicast discovery packet which discovers clients who want to cast. This multicast packet has a TTL of 1 so it cannot be routed across subnets.


          However, I believe Google is looking to add a feature soon that will take away the requirement of being on the same wireless network/subnet.


          Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.