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    Netvanta 3430 - how to configure Eth 0/1 for Ethernet Internet feed

    gtb New Member

      I have an application where the Internet feed is an Ethernet feed from Comcast.  I understand that the Netvanta 3430 should be used for this with one of the 2 Ethernet ports being configured as a Public Interface.  No NIM is used because the feed is not a T1 or similar interface.


      We want to use a Netvanta 3430 router with Eth 0/1 linking to the Comcast feed and Ethernet 0/2 to connect to downstream switches.


      I would like to configure this (and some downstream configurations that are beyond this topic) in my location before install to make sure all work.


      I have a Netvanta 3120 router at my location.


      I connected the Eth 0/1 port of Netvanta 3430 to a straight CAT6 patch cable and to a network switch.  Since the Netvanta 3120 provides DHCP, I configured Eth 0/1 of Netvanta 3430 for DHCP - and the port is provided a LAN IP address from Netvanta 3120 and I can see the 3430 on the DHCP section of 3120 as you would expect.


      I then assigned Eth 0/2 of 3430 to a static IP on / 16 (which will be the unit's IP address when installed), did not enable DHCP on 3430 (because the server at the install location will provide DHCP), assigned my pc a static IP and connected via cross cable to Netvanta 3430 and succeeded to log on.  I note that Eth 0/1 has an IP address from my 3120 in the proper subnet further confirming there is a link between 3430 Eth 0/1 and the 3120.


      However, I cannot get a ping response from the Netvanta 3120 when its IP address is pinged nor do I receive any Internet connection.  It acts like the Netvanta 3430 Eth 0/1 somehow needs to be directed to function as a Public Interface, not a private one.


      I am sure I am missing something but do not seem to know what needs to be done so that the 3430 Eth 0/1 acts like a public Interface.


      I would appreciate any guidance this forum can provide.