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    Retiring Cisco 891 with adtran 908e 3rd generation but need to configure basic inside to outside NAT

    mdecamps New Member

      I am replacing a Cisco 891 with an Adtran 908e 3rd gen; the issue I am having is with setting up an inside to outside nat on the Adtran. Below is a sample config of what's programmed on the Cisco I need to do the same on the Adtran 908e 3rd gen. The respective LAN and WAN ports on the adtran will be eth0/1(WAN) and the eth0/2 (LAN) any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you!



      Interface FastEthernet 0

      description LAN

      ip address x.x.x.x

      ip nat inside

      ip virtual-reassembly in


      Interface FastEthernet 1

      description WAN

      ip address x.x.x.x

      ip nat outside

      ip virtual-reassembly in

      duplex full

      speed 100


      ip nat inside source route-map NAT interface FastEthernet1 overload

      access-list 1 permit any


      route-map NAT permit 10

      match ip address 1

      match interface FastEthernet1