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    SIP extension outbound to FXO trunk

    multipl3x New Member

      I have a two trunks a SIP and one for FXO. I prefer the FXO. I have a SIP phone registered to the Adtran, but I can't get it to make calls out of the FXO port.


      When I dial 9 typically I get a secondary dial tone and then I can begin dialing. I can't get this to happen, even though I have it allowed on the trunk group:


      voice trunk T09 type analog supervision loop-start

        description "POTS"


        trunk-number 300

        connect fxo 0/0

        no nls

        no echo-cancellation

        rtp delay-mode adaptive


      voice grouped-trunk T01

        description "SIP TRUNK TO METASWITCH"

        trunk T01

        accept $ cost 10



      voice grouped-trunk ANALOG

        description "POTS DESK JACK"

        trunk T09

        accept 1-NXX-XXX-XXXX cost 0

        accept NXX-XXXX cost 0

        accept 911 cost 0

        accept 9 cost 0

        accept *XX cost 0


      voice trunk T01 type sip

        description "Metaswitch"

        sip-server primary xxxx.xxxx.xxxx.xxxx

        authentication username "xxx-xxx-xxxx" password foo

        sip-keep-alive options 30

        codec-group p


      voice user 300

        connect sip

        sip-identity xxx-xxx-xxxxT01

        sip-authentication password "xxxxxxxxxx" password foo

        codec-group p