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    NetVanta 3430 with 8 1524ST switchs wired with Ethernet vs SFP Modules and fiber

    kentt New Member

      I have been given the task to upgrade our Condo Building network.  Currently there is a TimeWarner supplied Fiber circuit advertised at 50 Megs up and down. That is connected to a Adtran Netvanta 3430 which then is connected to 8 Adtran Netvanta 1524ST switches, one per floor with no more than 2 hops to each switch. From there, each condo has their own wireless router/modem.  There is also 2 Cisco Wireless units connected to this circuit. This traffic is Internet Only. I could not log in the 3430 with the ADMIN / password default credentials and have not been able to acquire.  That's another question.


      My question for this.  Last summer the TimeWarner circuit was upgraded from 5 megs to 50 megs, due to the complaints of the owners.  The complaints are down, but still exists.  Does it make sense to replace the Ethernet cabling and purchase the SFP modules and run fiber between the 3430 and all the 1524STs?