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    Adtran Ta908e FXS assume 9 dialing

    mccvoip New Member

      I have an analog line provisioned on an Adtran Ta908e FXS. The Metaswitch is configured to expect a "9" for external dialing. I am trying to configure the IAD digit map, dial-plan or any other method for "assume 9 dialing" which means the IAD would always add a 9 in front of the digits dialed before sending the call to the Metaswitch. Is this possible?


      ##config below###



      voice codec-list USERS


        codec g711ulaw




      voice trunk T01 type sip

        sip-server primary

        sip-server validation register

        domain "switch.domain.here"

        grammar request-uri host domain

        grammar from host domain

        grammar p-asserted-identity host domain

        grammar to host domain

        grammar alert-info url www.notused.com



      voice grouped-trunk OUTBOUND

        trunk T01

        accept $ cost 0





      voice user 1

        connect fxs 0/1

        password encrypted "85685854fnffn48984jmxm"

        sip-identityXXXXXXXX T01 register auth-name "XXXXXXXXXX" password encrypted "85685854fnffn48984jmxm"

        sip-authentication password encrypted "85685854fnffn48984jmxm"


        rtp dtmf-relay inband

        codec-list USERS