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    Using SNMP to request configuration transfer for Atlas 890

    edm10 New Member

      I am trying to automate the management of our Atlases as we have over 20 in our system. 

      I found that it is possible to use SNMP to request a configuration transfer to a TFTP server. This works well for 800Plus, 550, and 830 but amazingly, not for 890, at least not at the OID the MIB says it should be at.

      Am I doing something wrong or did this feature get omitted from the 890?


      Using a freeware SNMP tool called SNMPSET to push in the values here are the OID’s necessary to initiate a backup.

      I’m also setting the date and time (which works well for all models.)  Otherwise the clock drifts and also needs to be set at each time change.  Too bad Atlases don't support NTP time sources.



      %atlas% is the IP address of the Atlas being managed.

      %backupfile% is the name of the file to backup the configuration to.


      rem set The IP address of the TFTP server.

      snmpset -c:"mycommunitystring" -v:1 -r:%atlas% -o:. -tp:ip -val:"mytftpserver"


      rem The name of the file to transfer to the TFTP server.

      snmpset -r:%atlas% -c:"mycommunitystring"  -o:. -tp:str -val:"%backupfile%"


      rem Set value to 1 to transfer the configuration file to the TFTP server.

      snmpset -c:"mycommunitystring" -v:1 -r:%atlas% -o:. -tp:int -val:"1"



      REM set Time and Date

      REM Works for all Atlas Models

      set RUNTME=%time:~0,5%

      Set RUNTME=%RUNTME: =0%

      snmpset -c:"mycommunitystring" -v:1 -r:%atlas% -o:. -tp:str -val:"%RUNTME%"

      snmpset -c:"mycommunitystring" -v:1 -r:%atlas% -o:. -tp:str -val:"%date:~4,2%-%date:~7,2%-%date:~12,2%"