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    NetVanta 4430 firmware upgrades are failing

    bwareca New Member

      Hello all!


      I recently purchased the EFP package for our office NetVanta 4430, which has previously been upgraded to R11-5-1. This is its current and only firmware, occupying ~14MB of the available ~32MB on Flash, leaving ~17MB available.


      While attempting to upgrade in the web UI (Chrome, Safari and Firefox in OS X 10.10.2) to "Flash", the upload will complete with the green message that the file has been "Successfully Uploaded to Flash", but any time the "Replace" option is ticked (for Backup or Primary), it responds with the red message that says "Error setting *filename* as the Backup/Primary Firmware". Each time the expected space on the Flash ends up occupied by the two firmware files (leaving around 3MB free), but in every case navigating away from or refreshing the page shows the original ~17MB free and the file uploaded missing, indicating that it is being immediately deleted for some reason.


      I've attempted this with R11-4-2-E, R-11-5-1-E, and another copy of R-11-5-1, all to no avail.


      I'm completely stumped, and I need to set up a VPN with the EFP for our UK office sooner rather than later. Any tips on how to make this work?


      Thank you!