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    Can't Transfer on IP 712

    tce New Member

      I have an IP 712 phone connected to a Mitel 5000 system.  I have it basically working but I can't get transfers to work.  Do I need to have more than one prime line to allow for a transfer?  If so, do I need to essentially register two SIP stations to one phone to get two intercom buttons?  When I transfer I simply press the Transfer button (I don't get dialtone) and enter the destination extension and hangup.  The call remains on the prime line.

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          jay Employee

          Luke, the IP7XX phones require a line key to be available for every active call, so in a transfer operation, you must have at least 2 keys for that line on the phone. Below is an example of the portion of a working configuration showing the button setup:


          # This is the line definition.  Reg.x.TEXT where x is the line number that will

          # be used to reference this line to a line button

          Reg.0.AuthUserId   9603

          Reg.0.AuthPassword 1234

          Reg.0.Did          9603

          Reg.0.DisplayName  John Doe

          Reg.0.Enable True

          Reg.0.Multiple True

          Reg.0.Realm GP

          Reg.0.VoiceMail *869603


          # Buttons are numbered from 1 to 4.  Button.n.Label defines the text

          # that will be displayed on the LCD next to each button.

          Button.1.Label 9603

          Button.1.Type line

          Button.1.Line 0


          Button.2.Label 9603

          Button.2.Type line

          Button.2.Line 0

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              tce New Member

              Thanks for the info Jay.  I managed to get this working a while ago by doing just what you said here.  I will still copy down these notes and save them for future use.

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                  jay Employee


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