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    908 Gen2 and 908e Gen3 IAD’s (AOS 10-9-5) zero-touch from Broadsoft server

    gwhittenberg New Member

      We have 908 Gen2 and 908e Gen3 IAD’s (AOS 10-9-5) we want to use for our PRI to SIP trunk solution. We are looking for a way to zero touch provision these from our Broadsoft servers. The “Auto-Config in AOS” doc dated Feb 2014 states the DHCP server will need to send option 66 and 67 to the IAD. Is this still true? Can we do this any other way? We also want to use HTTP, not TFTP. Our goal is to not touch the 908, simply drop ship to customer. Can we use option 160 and pass the url with the mac_address.txt to the IAD? Thanks!