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    Locating MX2800 System Serial Number

    jeffr. New Member

      I need to collect and document the System Serial Numbers of numerous MX2800 M13's and was hoping that the s/n's can be viewed by either logging into the unit via the Craft Port or via remote login.  All of the units in question have serial numbers that are believed to begin with the "CFG" prefix.  Is this possible and is there a documented procedure that addresses this?


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          adtn99 Employee

          The only S/Ns you will be able to retrieve via the Craf Port or Remote Telnet session will be the Controller Module S/Ns.  From the main menu you select Configuration.  From the Configuration menu you select Utilities and the Controller Module S/Ns will be listed.  You can then access the ADTRAN Web Site Support Tab followed by the Warranty Information Tab you can then enter the Controller Module S/Ns and if they were shipped as part of a bundle the CFG# as well as all the other piece part S/Ns that made up that particular bundle will be listed.