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    Multiple VPNs for back up & routing

    nas New Member

      I have 2 WAN connections FiOS on eth0 and Windstream on s/w1


      I have 2 sets of VPNs setup with Amazon AWS. 2 connection each. 


      What I would like to do is have my VPN Traffic go through Windstream 1, if that fails, go to Windstream 2, if that fails FiOS 1 and then FiOS 2. 


      All other traffic should go through FiOS.


      I have all the VPN's setup along with WAN fail-over but traffic goes through the FiOS connection first until it fails. 


      Not real great with the CLI and love help trying to get this to work using the GUI.



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          levi Employee



          Thank you for asking this question in the support community forum.  It appears you have opened several tickets with ADTRAN Technical Support on this topic.  When you get a chance, will you please reply to this post with the outcome of those tickets so other users in the community can find the answers as well?