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    Documentation on Command Results: show rtp quality-monitoring call-history detail

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      I have been unable to locate any official ADTRAN documentation which explains the comprehensive results provided by this VQM-related command. The result contains 66 lines of values for each RTP stream. It looks like there is some great information for troubleshooting. Some of these parameters reported are self-explanatory. However, MOST have no definition/explanation provided or available (apparently anywhere!).

      The document entitled: "Understanding Call Quality Statistics in AOS" (6AOSRG0005-30A) is no help as it does not contain this this level of information. Likewise, "ADTRAN OPERATING SYSTEM (AOS) Command Reference Guide AOS Version R10.9.0" (60000CRG0-35K) is not helpful.


      Is there a document available that provides details on the results of this command?


      It sure would be nice to have ONE document that contains details on the output shown below.


      RTP stream: XXX.XX.XXX.XX:33266, eth 0/1.XXXX -> XXX.X.XX.XXX:10224, Loopback

      RTP is sourced from NPANXXXXXX


      From: NPANXXXXXX

        Call-ID: 4a03a38-7f000001-13c4-44a7-7da0b72b-44@XX.X.XXX.XXX

        CCM-ID: 57, SSRC: 281680964 (0x10ca1c44)

        Call-start (duration): 18 May 2015 11:55:22 (7.020 s)

        PDV (avg/max): 0/1 ms

        CODEC: G.711 u-law, 64000 bps

        DSCP: 46

        External delay sources:

          Round-trip delay (inst/avg/max): 13/13/13 ms

          One-way delay (inst/avg/max): 66/70/70 ms

          Origination delay (inst/avg/max): unavailable/unavailable/unavailable ms

          Termination delay (inst/avg/max): 60/67/70 ms


          R (LQ/CQ/G.107/Nominal): 93/92/92/93

          MOS (LQ/CQ/PQ/Nominal): 4.20/4.18/4.45/4.20


          Echo level: 1.56%

          Packet loss: 0.00%

          Simulated jitter buffer discard: 0.00%

          Voice encode/decoder selection: 0.00%

          Recency: 0.00%

          Delay: 0.00%

          Signal level: 0.00%

          Noise level: 0.00%

        Burst / Gap / Loss:

          R-LQ (during burst): 92

          Burst count: 0

          Avg burst loss rate: 0.00%

          Avg burst length: 0 pkts (0 ms)

          Burst excess: 0 ms

          R-LQ (during gap): 92

          Gap count: 1

          Avg gap loss rate: 0.00%

          Avg gap length: 351 pkts (7.020 s)

          Gap excess: 0 ms

          Avg loss rate: 0.00%

          Avg discard rate: 0.00%

          Avg network loss rate: 0.00%

        Simulated jitter buffer:

          Configuration: Adaptive (min/nom/max): 10/50/200 ms

          PPDV (jitter): 0.1 ms

          Early threshold: 10.0 ms

          Early percentile: P100.00

          Early count (under threshold/total): 381/381 pkts

          Early peak: 1.0 ms

          Late threshold: 50.0 ms

          Late percentile: P100.00

          Late count (under threshold/total): 0/0 pkts

          Late peak: 0.0 ms

          Adaptive Increases/Decreases: 0/2

          Resyncs: 7

          Simulated jitter buffer delay (current/min/max): 40/40/50 ms

          Packets (rx/lost/out of seq/duplicate): 382/0/0/0

          Packets (early/late): 43/338

          Discards (total/overrun/underrun): 0/0/0

          Inter-arrival jitter: 0 ms

        External Quality Metrics:

          External R-LQ in: unavailable

          External R-LQ out: unavailable

          External R-CQ in: unavailable

          External R-CQ out: unavailable

        Fax / Modem Metrics:

          Estimated throughput: 35000 bps

          Reliability index (0-100): 100



      Thank you,