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    New H2TU-C cards not responding to 4 in 7 loop up code

    acinfl New Member

      Recently we've begun receiving CLEI : T1I3AEHA TA3000 H2TU-C cards that do not loop up with 1111000. This confuses our remote testers as they assume the C card is bad and dispatch to replace it. I can't seem to find an option in the provisioning menu for this and the job aid included with the card does not note anything as to why the code we use for all our older cards no longer works. As a work-around I use the codes provided in the job aid, first I send the FAC2 loop up code, which arms the C card (but also loops the R card) and then I set the custom pattern on my t-berd to 11010011 which loops the C card and injects 231 bit errors confirming the C card is looped back up. This works for me but I doubt I'll get the remote testers to be able to do this.


      Is there an option I am missing in the card? Is there a new loop up code we can use? Is this an oversight that the abbreviated loop codes were left out by accident?


      Any info on what's going on would be appreciated.