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    Adtran TA904 SIP Trunk with Metaswitch

    westmall New Member

      Hi All,


      I need help for a configuration of TA904 SIP trunk with Metaswitch via Primeda SBC.  (This is our first time to use Adtran devices, and we are going to use them in the future for our customer)


      We have a configured SIP Binding (with Learn Contact Details) , that is the TA 904 need to register to Metaswitch via SBC. and TA604 will connect a Nortel PBX via PRI interface.


      (1)For example, If our SBC domain is : sbc.xyz.com  and our Metswitch IP is: (our SBC communicate with Metaswitch via private IP) , say, on Metaswitch side Configured SIP binding sinde,   we set SIP authentication user name : username123, Password: password 123 .

      Can you please provide a sample configuration of TA 604  SIP trunk setting to registered to Metaswitch.


      (2)We also want to test this type of configuration as below:

      Use configured SIP Binding on Metaswitch (without Learn Contact Details), that is Adtran no need to registered , We give Adtran a Static Public IP , and Let Adtran direct communicate with  Metaswitch configured SIP binding without going though SBC.


      Can you please provide a sample configuration of TA 604  .

      Thank very much in advance.