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    SMDR and Equitrac

    curtisd New Member

      We have a law firm client we've installed the 7100 with the UC server. They have a need from their previous system (NEC) to log their long distance calls for back charging to the client cases.

      The NEC system had a programmed button that would log the call to the SMDR records, then it would be parsed and pass into their billing system, Equitrac by Nuance Communications.


      Their case codes are 6 numeric digits, so the internal 4 digit billing codes won't work


      With the assistance of Adtran Support, it was setup for a dial string of 8 plus their charge code of 6 digits, plus the dialed number.

      This process does show the called number on the SMDR log but it truncates the last 3 digits from the destination phone number.


      For instance, if the case # is 222555 and the dialed number is 1-409-555-1212, the SMRD record shows the called number as 822255514095551 , dropping the last 3 digits of 212.


      Anyone know of a way to make this work ?


      Thank you,


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          jay Employee

          Curtis, what version of firmware is the 7100 currently running? Thanks



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