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    FXS port wont break dialtone

    kb8uas New Member

      Has anyone had an issue with 924 where the FXS port wont break dialtone when a user goes off-hook and begins dialing the call?....I see no "bad cabling" reset messages in event history on that port...

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          geo Employee

          Hello John and thank you for posting to the forum.


          Can you verify that the amphenol cable connectors are firmly seated on both the ADTRAN unit and the 66-block?  If the cabling is secure, we will need to look at a debug to determine if the ADTRAN is seeing the phone go offhook on that FXS port.  You can access the ADTRAN by a console connection, SSH, or Telnet - we want to be in the command line.

          Once you are in enable mode, run these debugs together:


          debug interface fxs

          debug voice verbose


          Now go offhook on the port you are working on.  We should see messages indicating that the phone/test set is on/off-hook.  Lets verify the ADTRAN is seeing the on/off-hook states and then we can go from there.  Also, feel free to attach your conifg but remove any sensitive information like IP addresses, passwords, etc.