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    Connecting to adsl modem bridge to 3430

    enovak New Member

      Client has a bonded ADSL+ modem that we have placed in bridged mode.   The ISP is providing a /29 block of public IP addresses.   I need to configure a NetVanta 3430 to connect to the ADSL modem (which is in bridged mode) and route thru the 3430 so that I can provide one of the public IP addresses in the block to the firewall device.


      For arguments sake, lets assume the ISP is providing the following:


      x.y.z.112/29 as the block


      I want to assign x.y.z.113 to the router eth 0/2 interface, and have the eth 0/1 interface be the connection facing the ADSL+ modem.

      I will assign x.y.z.118 to the firewall that will connect to the eth 0/2 interface of the 3430 unit.


      How do I configure the ppp interface and eth 0/1 interface so that this will work?   My concern is that the negotiation with the ISP is going to assign an IP of the /29 block to the eth 0/1 interface which would result in overlapping networks and therefore not allow routing across the router.


      Can anyone tell me how to properly configure the eth 0/1 and ppp 1 interfaces?  (Also I already am aware that the ppp interface will use CHAP authentication and I have those credentials.


      Thank you in advance for any assistance!