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    Firewall droping internal packing outbound?

    touristsis Visitor

      2015.02.20 21:51:07 FIREWALL id=firewall time="2015-02-20 21:51:07" fw=AdtranCar2Go pri=1 rule=4  proto=https src= dst=216.58.XXX.XXX msg="Zero bytes transferred for connection Src 48548 Dst 443 from Private policy-class on interface vlan 1" agent=AdFirewall


      Hi,  Can someone help me with this?  I've always see these errors when connecting via putty or ssh.  What does this means?  Our firewall is blocking packets from inside the network destination for outbound?

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          petersjncv Visitor

          It would be helpful to see your configuration but in all likelihood it is just a port timeout issue for a connection that was established but has no traffic.  The firewall has port timeout policies of (by default) 60 seconds for UDP connections and 300 for TCP connections.  If a transaction doesn't send a message to close the ports opened in the firewall that allowed the connection, the firewall will keep the ports open.  However, if no traffic uses the connection for the timeout period, the firewall will then close the port.