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    Routing through DMZ

    srumelhart New Member

      I have a NV3448 that has the following relevant configuration:


      interface switchport 0/2

        description Office

        speed 100

        no shutdown

        switchport access vlan 2001


      interface vlan 1

        ip address

        access-policy Private

        no shutdown


      interface vlan 2001

        description Uplink to Scada network

        ip address

        no shutdown



      ip route


      is an endpoint on a Cisco router that I am trying to route traffic from the network to the network. On a computer on the inside lan (ex I can ping the Cisco external endpoint, but not


      In the NV3448, I can ping, but fails if I ping source


      What am I missing to get this to work for the local subnet?

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          petersjncv Visitor

          This sounds like a routing problem.  It sounds like the Cisco does not have a return route for the network.


          Another observation - If you are running firewall, then all of your IP interfaces need an access policy of some kind.  How you want to build your security zones would affect how you build those policies.  VLAN 2001 should have a security/access policy on it, even if it is a just an allow any.  With firewall on and no policy on the interface, it may not pass return traffic back through to the interface from the host.