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    Adtran 838T not passing traffic when efm-group 1/0/2 linked up

    andrewl New Member

      I'm having some issues getting a NetVanta 838T configured w/ two efm-groups.


      The goal is to have the 838T feeding 2 834T's in the field. So far I have got the first one stood up and working like a champ, although as soon as I try to bring up the second one, the 838T stops receiving traffic over the efm-links. Using wireshark, I see traffic received off the ethernet port of the 834T, although when looking at my counters, I see the TX incrementing on the efm-link on the 834T, but I don't see the RX incrementing on either efm-link on the 838T.


      Attached are the configs for the 838T and one of the 834T's. I'm sure it's something simple I'm missing.





      Any help would be much appreciated.