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    TA908e eSBC Feature Pack

    kshymkiw New Member

      Hello All,


      I am trying to verify/validate some use cases with the TA908e (3rd gen) w/ eSBC Feature Pack.  I am having some problems even determining if I have the eSBC feature pack installed, and if not how to get it.


      On the TA908 Page on the Adtran site, the 908e + eSBC Feature Pack is a different P/N, which i assume just means it will be a normal 908e w/ the eSBC feature pack pre-installed.  I have an existing 908 which is running 11.4.5E.  I am able to configure SIP Trunks, etc... but I don't see any different features, while I was under the impression from sales that the eSBC feature pack added some extra SBC functions.


      How can I see if I have the eSBC feature pack on my 908e?  If I don't have it, how will I go about loading it?  Is it a different version of code, or just a license key I can apply via the CLI to unlock those features?


      Any help is greatly appreciated.  This topic doesn't seem to be very well covered on the forums here.