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    Steps needed to get a PPP connection running between two ports on my Atlas 890 T1/PRI Quad card?

    dfoxhpe New Member

      I have made the connection between the ports, 9/1 and 9/2, with the Packet Manager and Dedicated Maps but I can't get the ports to start up.  I found a Frame Relay document here but I haven't found one on how to set up a straight PPP connection. 


      I am connecting the ports to two routers in the lab as I don't want to use a back-to-back connection.  The Packet Manager status at this point shows incoming traffic but the Atlas 890 is not allowing the traffic through to the other port.


      Does anyone have a document that lists the steps for creating the connection with the Packet Manager and Dedicated Maps?  There was a mention in the user manual that I might need to configure the packet data ports in the Router but I don't see any way to do that unless I run PPP over FR and can then give the ports an IP address.




      David Fox