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    Can't upload configuration file

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      One of our NetVaunta 3430 routers appears to be failing. I'm going to swap it out with a our replacement unit. However, I can't get the replacement unit to accept the failing unit's configuration. When I upload the configuration (via the web interface), the system immediately takes me to a firmware update screen. I accept the defaults and reboot the unit, but once it comes back up, the old configuration file is still in place.


      Any ideas on this would be most helpful.

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          Here's an update with a new problem...


          I consoled into the unit and issued the erase startup-config to wipe the configuration.


          I was then able to send the configuration file via hyper-term over xmodem. Everything appears fine, except now, I can't log into the unit without going through bootstrap mode. I've tried going into bootstrap mode and resetting the passwords, but the changes don't save. I can't log into the unit with the new configuration.


          Any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated.