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    Basic steps to simulate the telco?

    bcase New Member

      I have an 830 with mutiple PRI cards and looking to simulate the telco.  Basically connecting multiple routers with PRI to do testing on 911/Caller ID manipulation.  A basic setup would look like this:


      cisco call manager cluster (555-222-1000) ----- router (pri) ----- atlas 830 -----  router (pri) ----- cisco call manager cluster  (777-333-2000) (Also simulates the 911 PSAP)


      Eventually I'll be adding in other clusters via pri but looking to get the basic's working first.


      I'm guessing that most of the work will be done in the Dial Plan area - but not sure if it should be Network or User side.  I'll use my own DID numbers since this all lab environment.  Also, when connecting the PRI's - I'm never getting a Multiple Frame Established on the ISDN L3 side -so I'm missing something else as well.


      Not looking for anything too detailed - just point me in the right direction on what area's in the 830 to configure.



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          patrick Employee

          Thanks for using the ADTRAN Support Community Forums.


          You are correct, that the configuration will be done in the DIAL PLAN. Under the DIAL PLAN the NETWORK TERM and USER TERM is designed for what the ATLAS is connecting to. So the NETWORK TERM means we are terminating to the network - which puts the ATLAS in the "user role." The USER TERM means we are terminating to user equipment - which means the ATLAS is in the "network role."


          So when you configure a PRI under the USER TERM, then the ATLAS is in the network role, terminating to equipment in the user role. From what you describe, I believe most (if not all) of your PRIs will be configured under the USER TERM. The IN#ACCEPT defines what numbers or number patterns are accepted to be transmitted out the specific PRI interface.


          Hope this helps,