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    ADTRAN TA908e 3rd Gen SIP Proxy

    mfazely New Member

      We recently attempted to configure an ADTRAN TA908e to be a SIP proxy for our Metaswitch in order to use for SIP failover over a PRI.  We had tested this in the lab and have deployed at a separate customer site with success. However, in this most recent deployment, after configuring the SIP proxy and rebooting all the phones (200+) we noticed that some of the phones wouldn't register. After some digging we noticed that a registration had been hit for those lines on the Metaswitch.  We increased the registration limit on the Metaswitch, but noticed that the SIP registrations continued to climb even though the phones were not being rebooted.  Has anyone run into anything like this?  It sounds like a bug to me and we are currently try to duplicate it in the lab, but thought I'd ask here as well.