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    QDFCS card only shows signal on one port

    jrb New Member

      We have a TA-3000 with a QDFCS slotted on slot 16 (13-15 are not slotted).  Trying to feed a PRI trunk to a customer in a fiber only location.  Job aid says to slot in lettered slot ?? ( i.e. mux A or B) Card is provisioned for DSX network source.   Signal only shows on port 4, can not feed signal to other 3 ports.  Why can't we get the other 3 ports? any ideas?  Wrong card?

      See Job Aid  61181308L8-22D  dated May 2015


      Shelf has been in use for years, DSX fed, no mux cards installed, AMP cables connected.

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          adtn99 Employee

          Are there any Mux Modules in the MUX A or B TA3000 Chassis Slots?  If not, then the QDFC’s Network Source setting of DSX is correct.

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            tee1up Employee

            Do you have all 8 amphenol connections wired out on the backplane of the TA3000 shelf?  To use all 4 ports for DSX fed QDFC you will need to have all 8 wired out. It uses PAIR 1/2 amp connections for port 1,  PAIR 3/4 amp connections for port 2, PAIR 5/6 amp connections for port 3 and PAIR 7/8 for port 4.

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              jrb New Member

              Sending signal from the DSX panel from a T-Berd, but it does not appear at the card except on one channel (channel 4).


              Spoke with Adtran tech support; TA3000 has 4 cables connected on the back. When used with HDSL cards 2 cables go to the DSX and 2 to the frame. When used with QDFC all 4 cables need to be wired to the DSX, so you can not remove HDSL cards, install a QDFC and get four aggregated channels. The shelf would need to be rewired.  This was the first time we had used a DSX fed shelf. Our other shelves were all MUX fed and worked fine, as long as the mux channel mapping was done correctly.


              Bottom line: If you install a QDFC card in a DSL shelf you can only get one port on the QDFC.