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    ATLAS 800  with Cisco Router

    yaloosh New Member



      I configured T1 on Cisco router connected to ATLAS 800  with the following configuration:

      line code: b8zs

      Clock source: Line

      Framing: ESF


      ISDN status on the router show the following:


      ISDN Serial0/0/3:23 interface

              dsl 3, interface ISDN Switchtype = primary-4ess

          Layer 1 Status:


          Layer 2 Status:

              TEI = 0, Ces = 1, SAPI = 0, State = TEI_ASSIGNED

          Layer 3 Status:

              0 Active Layer 3 Call(s)

          Active dsl 3 CCBs = 0

          The Free Channel Mask:  0x807FFFFF

          Number of L2 Discards = 0, L2 Session ID = 213

          Total Allocated ISDN CCBs = 10


      Layer 2 changing state from TEI_ASSIGNED to AWAITING_ESTABLISHMENT.

      I'm looking for configuration need to be done on the Adtran.



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          patrick Employee

          The ATLAS needs to have the T1/PRI port configured for PRI under the DIAL PLAN.

          You can look at this Cisco Academy Guide for details. The guide is for the ATLAS 550, but all the ATLAS products have the same configuration for the DIAL PLAN.

          It looks like your PRI switch type is going to be "AT&T 4ESS.


          Hope this helps,


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              yaloosh New Member


              By typing AT&T 4ess you are referring to the Adtran side, right?


              There is no AT&T 4ESS on Cisco router under the isdn switch-type:




              PSTN_WKF_2(config)#isdn switch-type ?


                primary-4ess    Lucent 4ESS switch type for the U.S.


                primary-5ess    Lucent 5ESS switch type for the U.S.


                primary-dms100  Northern Telecom DMS-100 switch type for the U.S.


                primary-dpnss   DPNSS switch type for Europe


                primary-net5    NET5 switch type for UK, Europe, Asia and Australia


                primary-ni      National ISDN Switch type for the U.S.


                primary-ntt     NTT switch type for Japan


                primary-qsig    QSIG switch type


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                  patrick Employee

                  Yes, I was referring to the ADTRAN ATLAS configuration, since your Cisco is set up "primary-4ess". The ATLAS switch types are:

                  Lucent 5E                              Lucent 5Ess switch type

                  Northern DMS100                 Nothern Telecom DMS-100 (sometimes called NI-1)

                  National ISDN                       National ISDN (also known as NI-2)

                  AT&T 4ESS                          AT&T 4ESS switch type


                  If you have any compatibility issues, it is more common to run the NATIONAL switch type.