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    Total Access 908 Second Gen - Limited Access to HTTPS sites

    mark19 New Member

      Good Afternoon.


      I'm setting up a Total Access 908 Second Gen on a new T1 line, and appear to have either overestimated my own ability, or overestimated the helpfulness of my provider- or perhaps, a bit a both.


      I was expecting to receive information such as timing, encoding, DLCI #, etc. All I've received to date is my IP address, default gateway, and subnet mask, and even then I has to ask for this data.


      However, ESF, B8ZS, and ANSI appear to work, and Frame Relay was able to auto detect as ansi Annex D. This circuit is entirely data, which made this part much simpler.


      Detect PVC got me a DLCI, and I was able to configure that with my IP address. FRF.12 entries are all set to 0. I setup the firewall (for NAT) and a default gateway, and I'm able to access most sites. In fact, I'm posting from this connection now.


      I am unable to access most HTTPS sites- https://www.malwarebytes.org/ and www.bankofamerica.com are two examples. I am able to access this site, and https://www.google.com, so it's not all https sites. I'm also unable to connect my machines to my VPN.


      In my security dashboard, I see the following that appear to correlate with my attempts to access the problematic sites-

      3TCP: expected SYN, got ACK455Today 10:29:11 PMToday 11:00:13 PM6
      150Connection with no data162Today 10:29:43 PMToday 11:00:08 PM2
      6Post connection SYN attack14Today 10:42:34 PMToday 10:42:56 PM7
      1TCP: expected SYN10Today 10:29:08 PMToday 10:58:56 PM6
      9Invalid seq # with RST8Today 10:36:43 PMToday 10:39:02 PM6
      2TCP: expected SYN only2Today 10:34:54 PMToday 10:35:10 PM7


      I suspect I've misconfigured one or more settings, and these sites just happen to hit on the conditions where that misconfiguration matters- perhaps the frame is large enough that... and here we are definitely into the part where I don't know enough to complete that thought.


      I'm certainly attempting to follow up with my service provider- but given my experience so far, I'm hoping someone more knowledgeable than me might suggest a setting that may cause similar symptoms.

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          mark19 New Member

          Update: I was eventually able to contact someone at my service provider. They suggested trying to access speedtest.net, which was the first http site I was unable to access. Once they hear this, they "changed something on their end" and "ran a bunch of tests". I wasn't able to get a technical description of what they changed- just "something to help you reach sites". If there's anyone out there who might suggest what it is they changed, I hate not knowing. However, I seem to be able to route all traffic at this point.

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              jayh Hall_of_Fame

              My first guess would be an MTU setting. In today's networks, Ethernet frames of 1500 bytes are generally expected to pass end-to-end without fragmentation. If the maximum frame size is smaller, then ICMP messages tell the endpoints that the frame is too big and a smaller size is negotiated. If both a smaller-than normal MTU exists and a firewall filters the ICMP unreachable messages, you have a scenario where small packets such as traditional ping work, but web sites fail to load.


              Google the acronym "PMTUD" (Path Maximun Transmission Unit Discovery) for more details.


              As I'm not your service provider and I didn't run a test of MTU on your specific network, this is somewhat of a scientific wild-*** guess but it's most often the problem in cases as you described.


              If you have a firewall setting that filters ICMP unreachables you're contributing to the problem but not the root cause of  it.

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