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    T1-OR/NIU used as ORB for SLC-96 DLC

    nconnard New Member

      I have some SLC-96's that are not switching to protect.  I think it is a setting in the TA-3000.  What should the provisioning in the T1-OR/NIU be? There are SLC's collocated at the same site that are not going into the TA but are going straight into the DMX 1665 that are switching to protect.

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          adtn99 Employee

          SLC96 DLC T1 switching to Protect T1 is controlled by the DLC MUXs not the TA3000 T1-OR/NIU.  The T1-OR/NIU units have to be provision "Unframed" to support SLC96 Framing.  Are all the T1s A, B, C, D, and Protect up and working?  If the Protect T1 is down then it is unavailable for protection switching.