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    Netvanta vs. Total Access

    jallen2020 New Member

      Adtran n00b here, so this might be a dumb question.  Can someone explain to me the scenarios wehre you would want to use the Netvanta Line vs. the Total Access Line?  From my initial reading, it looks like there is a lot of overlap between these two lines.


      Is it that Netvanta's are more modular than the Total Access lines?


      Can the Netvanta line handle more throughput so they are better for Ethernet CPEs of speeds over 100megs, etc?


      Just looking for some clarity.

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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          It's primarily a marketing thing. Most Adtran products are either only in the Netvanta line only or in the Total Access line only. There are a few that are very close to being the same thing but with a few very slight differences.


          A Netvanta 6240 is essentially the same thing as a TA900 for example. There are a few differences such as an extra FXO and I think socketed RAM on the Netvanta 6240 but check the data sheet to be sure. There may also be some differences in warranty terms.