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    Is firmware corrupted on 6355. Running 10.9.5 but reverted to backup.

    mr18 New Member

      How serious of an issue is this? I've not yet encountered this. I also see same problem on a 924 we manage.

      Noticed problem when I ran show version command. I deleted and reloaded firmware, but when I rebooted switch it immediately reverted to backup firmware. Can't get it to take 10.9.5.


      Message I'm getting:

      System returned to ROM by Software Watchdog.

      Core: R10.9.5.E\source/Kernel/Private/Arch/PowerPC-8260/IsrHandler.cpp#280: AdFatal(DMMU: Dadr=0x00000000, Iadr=0x00CE7E70: No permission to read. StackTrc: 00CE7E70 00CEB990 010BFA8C 010BF324 010BF364 00C3DFCC 010C7170 00C3EB30 00C40EA8 00C30E94 00C30E50 ....Regs: r0=0x00ceb990 r1=0x0526dc10 r2=0x021fd5e0 r3=0x00000000 r4=0x00000008 r5=0x00000008 r6=0x00000000 r7=0x00000000 r8=0x00000004 r9=0x0000002a r10=0x0544c1c0 r11=0x0526dc30 r12=0x010bad18 r13=0x02608000 r14=0x00000004 r15=0x00000005 r16=0x00000006 r17=0x00000007 r18=0x00000008 r19=0x00000009 r20=0x0000000a r21=0x0000000b r22=0x0000000c r23=0x0000000d r24=0x0000000e r25=0x0000000f r26=0x00000010 r27=0x051ed5d0 r28=0x02968810 r29=0x02078830 r30=0x00000000 r31=0x00000008 LR=0x00ce8734 CTR=0x010bad18.)